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Order α′ heterotic domain walls with warped nearly Kähler geometry

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Alexander S. Haupt, Olaf Lechtenfeld, Edvard T. Musaev

Abstract: We consider (1+3)-dimensional domain wall solutions of heterotic supergravity on a six-dimensional warped nearly Kähler manifold X6 in the presence of gravitational and gauge instantons of tanh-kink type as constructed in [1]. We include first order α′ corrections to the heterotic supergravity action, which imply a non-trivial Yang-Mills sector and Bianchi identity. We present a variety of solutions, depending on the choice of instantons, for the special case in which the SU(3) structure on X6 satisfies (Formula presented.). The solutions preserve two real supercharges, which corresponds to (Formula presented.) supersymmetry from the four-dimensional point of view. Besides serving as a useful framework for collecting existing solutions, the formulation in terms of dynamic SU(3) structures utilized here allows us to obtain new solutions in as yet unexplored corners of the instanton configuration space. Our approach thus offers a unified description of the embedding of tanh-kink-type instantons into half-BPS solutions of heterotic supergravity where the internal six-dimensional manifold has a warped nearly Kähler geometry.

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