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Andreas Hochenegger and Elena Martinengo (2015): Mori dream stacks, Math. Z. 280(3-4):1185--1202

Andreas Savas-Halilaj and Knut Smoczyk (2015): Evolution of contractions by mean curvature flow, Math. Ann., 361(3-4):725-740

Anton Savin, Elmar Schrohe, and Boris Sternin (2015): Uniformization and index of elliptic operators associated with, Russ. J. Math. Phys., 22(3):410-420

Francisco Martín, Andreas Savas-Halilaj, and Knut Smoczyk (2015): On the topology of translating solitons of the mean curvature flow, Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations, 54(3):2853-2882

Martin G. Gulbrandsen, Lars H. Halle, and Klaus Hulek (2015): A relative Hilbert-Mumford criterion, Manuscripta Math. 148(3-4):283-301
arXiv: 1404.7267

Mathieu Dutour Sikirić, Klaus Hulek, and Achill Schürmann (2015): Smoothness and singularities of the perfect form and the second Voronoi compactification of A_g, Algebr. Geom. 2(5):642-653
arXiv: 1303.5846

Sławomir Rams and Matthias Schütt (2015): 112 lines on smooth quartic surfaces (characteristic 3), Q. J. Math., 66(3):941--951

Sławomir Rams and Matthias Schütt (2015): 64 lines on smooth quartic surfaces, Math. Ann., 362(1-2):679-698

Ubertino Battisti, Sandro Coriasco, and Elmar Schrohe (2015): Fourier integral operators and the index of symplectomorphisms on manifolds with boundary, J. Funct. Anal. 269(11):3528-3574


Radu Laza, Matthias Schütt, and Noriko Yui, editors (2015): Calabi-Yau Varieties: Arithmetic, Geometry and Physics, volume 34 of Fields Institute Monographs


Andreas Hochenegger, Martin Kalck, and David Ploog (2015): Spherical subcategories in representation theory
arXiv: 1502.06838

Anton Mellit, Nicolas Perrin, and Maxim Smirnov (2015): Update on quantum cohomology of IG(2,2n)
arXiv: 1510.07903

C. Bessenrodt, H.P. Tong-Viet, J. Zhang (2015): Huppert's Conjecture for Alternating groups
arXiv: 1502.03425

D. Giulini (2015): Energy-Momentum Tensors and Motion in Special Relativity
arXiv: 1502.03930

Janko Boehm, Magdaleen S. Marais, and Andreas Steenpass (2015): The classification of real singularities using singular. part III: Unimodal singularities of corank 2
arXiv: 1512.09028

M. Cuntz, S. Lentner (2015): A simplicial complex of Nichols algebras
arXiv: 1503.08117

R. Bielawski (2015): Nahm's, Basu-Harvey-Terashima's equations and Lie superalgebras
arXiv: 1503.03779

Sebastian Casalaina-Martin, Samuel Grushevsky, Klaus Hulek, and Radu Laza (2015): Complete moduli of cubic threefolds and their intermediate jacobians
arXiv: 1510.08891