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I. Arzhantsev, U. Derenthal, J. Hausen, A. Laface (2014): Cox Rings, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics 144 (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2014)
ISBN: 978-1-107-02462-5


A.S. Haupt, O. Lechtenfeld, E.T. Musaev (2014): Order α' heterotic domain walls with warped nearly Kähler geometry, JHEP 1411 (2014) 152
DOI: 10.1007/JHEP11(2014)152
arXiv: 1409.0548

B. Altschul et al. (incl. D. Giulini) (2014): Quantum Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle with the STE-QUEST Space Mission, Advances in Space Research 55 (2015) 501
DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2014.07.014
arXiv: 1404.4307

C. Bessenrodt, K. Ono (2014): Maximal multiplicative properties of partitions, to appear in Annals Comb.
arXiv: 1403.3352

D. Giulini (2014): Dynamical and Hamiltonian formulation of General Relativity, Springer Handbook of Spacetime, Springer 2014

D. Giulini, A. Grossardt (2014): Centre-of-mass motion in multi-particle Schroedinger-Newton dynamics, New J. Phys. 16 (2014) 075005
DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/16/7/075005
arXiv: 1404.0624

M. Fennen, D. Giulini (2014): An exact static two-mass solution using Nariai spacetime, to appear in Class. and Quantum Grav.
arXiv: 1408.2713

M. Graña, J. Louis, U. Theis, D. Waldram (2014): Quantum corrections in string compactifications on SU(3) structure geometries, JHEP 01 (2015) 057
DOI: 10.1007/JHEP01(2015)057
arXiv: 1406.0958

M.G. Gulbrandsen, L.H. Halle, K. Hulek (2014): A relative Hilbert-Mumford criterion, to appear in manuscripta mathematica
arXiv: 1404.7267

O. Beckwith, C. Bessenrodt (2014): Multiplicative properties of the number of k-regular partitions, to appear in Annals Comb.
arXiv: 1409.2937

S. Bunk, O. Lechtenfeld, A.D. Popov, M. Sperling (2014): Instantons on conical half-flat 6-manifolds, to appear in JHEP
arXiv: 1409.0030

S. Bunk, T.A. Ivanova, O. Lechtenfeld, A.D. Popov, M. Sperling (2014): Instantons on sine-cones over Sasakian manifolds, Phys. Rev. D90 (2014) 065028
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.90.065028
arXiv: 1407.2948

T. Hakobyan, D. Karakhanyan, O. Lechtenfeld (2014): The structure of invariants in conformal mechanics, Nucl. Phys. B886 (2014) 399
DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2014.07.008
arXiv: 1402.2288

T. Hakobyan, O. Lechtenfeld, A. Nersessian (2014): Superintegrability of (generalized) Calogero models with oscillator or Coulomb potential, Phys. Rev. D90 (2014) 10, 101701
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.90.101701
arXiv: 1409.8288


A. Deser (2014): Star products on graded manifolds and α'-corrections to Courant algebroids from string theory
arXiv: 1412.5966

A. Deser, J. Stasheff (2014): Even symplectic supermanifolds and double field theory
arXiv: 1406.3601

A. Deser, O. Lechtenfeld, A.D. Popov (2014): Sigma-model limit of Yang-Mills instantons in higher dimensions
arXiv: 1412.4258

C. Bessenrodt (2014): Conway-Coxeter friezes and beyond: Polynomially weighted walks around dissected polygons and generalized frieze patterns
arXiv: 1412.1726

C. Bessenrodt, V.V. Tewari, S.J. van Willigenburg (2014): Symmetric skew quasisymmetric Schur functions
arXiv: 1410.2934

E.A. Ivanov, O. Lechtenfeld, B.M. Zupnik (2014): Auxiliary tensor fields for Sp(2,R) self-duality
arXiv: 1412.5960

K. Smoczyk, M.-P. Tsui, M.-T. Wang (2014): Curvature decay estimates for mean curvature flow in higher codimensions
arXiv: 1401.4154

M.C. Brambilla, O. Dumitrescu, and E. Postinghel (2014): On linear systems of P^3 with nine base points
arXiv: 1410.8065

O. Lechtenfeld, A.D. Popov, R.J. Szabo (2014): Sasakian quiver gauge theories and instantons on Calabi-Yau cones
arXiv: 1412.4409

R. Gallego Torromé (2014): On the emergence of quantum mechanics, diffeomorphism invariance and the weak equivalence principle from deterministic Cartan-Randers systems
arXiv: 1402.5070

S. Rams, M. Schütt (2014): On Enriques surfaces with four cusps
arXiv: 1404.3924

S. Rams, M. Schütt (2014): 112 lines on smooth quartic surfaces (characteristic 3)
arXiv: 1409.7485

Sławomir Rams and Tomasz Szemberg (2014): When are zariski chambers numerically determined?
arXiv: 1411.4178

T. Holm, P. Jørgensen (2014): Generalised friezes and a modified Caldero-Chapoton map depending on a rigid object, II
arXiv: 1401.4616

U. Battisti, S. Coriasco, E. Schrohe (2014): Fourier integral operators of Boutet de Monvel type
arXiv: 1407.2738

U. Battisti, S. Coriasco, E. Schrohe (2014): On a class of Fourier integral operators on manifolds with boundary
arXiv: 1406.0636

U. Derenthal, J. Hausen, A. Heim, S. Keicher, A. Laface (2014): Cox rings of cubic surfaces and Fano threefolds
arXiv: 1409.0799

U. Derenthal, M. Pieropan (2014): Cox rings over nonclosed fields
arXiv: 1408.5358

U. Theis (2014): Membrane instantons from Toda field theory
arXiv: 1408.4632